Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle. The riding style is Australian stock.

In a campdrafting competition, a rider on horseback must “cut out” one beast from the mob of cattle in the yard or the “camp” and block and turn the beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control; then take it out of the yard and through a course around pegs involving right and left hand turns in a figure eight, before guiding it through two pegs known as “the gate”. The outside course must be completed in less than 40 seconds. Events for juniors 8 years and under 13 years have one sound beast in the camp or yard at all times. In other events it is recommended that there shall be a minimum of six head of sound stock in the camp at any time.

Stockman’s Challenge is a unique Australian sport; designed to commemorate the Australian Stockman’s horsemanship skills. They are now a modern day tribute to the stockmen and women of years gone by; an acknowledgement of the skills required to work cattle in the bush.

A Stockman’s Challenge event consists of a Dry Work pattern and a Cattlework phase. Both of these phases are designed to test the ability of horse and rider. The Dry work pattern contains spins, sliding stops & roll-backs. The cattlework phase is similar to a campdraft and seeks to identify a horse that can easily control a beast and demonstrates his intended purpose of working cattle in the bush.

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