Pony Club coach plays a key role in providing positive and enjoyable experiences for members within The Pony Club. Coaches educate riders in both mounted and unmounted activities, helping them develop riding skills, horse management knowledge, and proper care for horses and ponies. 

Whether it’s recreational participation or high-level competition, coaches support members while ensuring they have fun along the way! 

 As a Pony Club coach, your role involves several important responsibilities:

  1. Instruction and Coaching: You’ll engage in various roles, including teaching riding skills and horsemanship. Your goal is to educate members on proper horse care and riding techniques.
  2. Effective Communication: Work effectively with parents, officials, and administrators. Building positive relationships and clear communication are essential.
  3. Personal Coaching Philosophy: Develop and implement your coaching philosophy. This guides your approach and ensures consistency.
  4. Ethical Responsibilities: Understand and adhere to ethical responsibilities as a coach.
  5. Planning and Reviewing: Plan lesson series for riders at different levels and review their effectiveness.
  6. Risk Management: Apply risk management principles to minimize injuries. Know the legal responsibilities and handle minor incidents.
  7. Group Management: Organize coaching sessions, ensure rider and horse safety, manage group behavior, and teach basic skills.
  8. Rider Development: Consider physical, social, and emotional aspects when planning activities. Cater to individual differences.
  9. Horse Care: Teach horse care skills outlined in the PCA Syllabus of Instruction. Provide advice on horse selection and care.
  10. Riding Skills: Teach riding skills (flat work and jumping) according to the PCA Syllabus of Instruction.

Remember, being a Pony Club coach allows you to positively impact young riders’ development and foster a love for horses! 

State Chief Instructor:Michael Carlson
Deputy Chief InstructorRachel Lornie
Execcutive CommitteeJan Morland
Di Elder
Sarah Standen
Beryl Burkhardt
Megan Wray
Danae O’Keeffe
Tracey Camilleri
MembersStephanie Commens
Grace Brodie
Jenny Murphy
Carol Paterson
Bridgitte Bennett
Heather Atherton
BurnettLeah Frohloff
CapricorniaNiki Ryan
CentralJenny Murphy
Far NorthSarah Standen
Far WestDi Elder
North WestHeather Atherton
NorthernAdrienne Kelley
South EastRachel Lornie
SouthernAlice James
WesternVicki Groves-Pearce