Well, a lot of work has gone into producing this new website. We have tried to make it engaging as well as easy to navigate. The most important part of any website is the content and we have again tried to make this relevant to all of our members in Pony Club Queensland.

We know we haven’t got this perfect and it is still a work in progress.

With that in mind we would love to get feedback from you. Do you think this is an improvement or a backward step? What things would you like to see? How can we improve the site?

To assist us in this endeavour, we invite you to complete the short form below.

Pony Club QLD

Pony Club Queensland is a very diverse organisation.

As well as the many disciplines that we support, we cover a huge area in Queensland which intensifies this diversity.

We have a small admin team whose primary role is to help you to navigate all the systems not just in Queensland, Putting Pony Club Australia as well.

Whether you are the state chief instructor a club president or a beginning rider we are here for all of you.

So how are we going? Are the things that you would like to see changed or added to make your time in pony club more relevant.