Mounted Games

Mounted Games are a fun and exciting equestrian discipline that combines riding skills, teamwork, and agility. Here’s what you need to know:

Concept: Teams of four or five riders and ponies participate in relay-style races. These races involve a mix of turns, handovers, skill demonstrations, vaulting, and galloping against other teams.

Race Elements:
Pick-Up Races: Riders pick up objects from the ground while remaining in the saddle.
Weaving Races: Riders weave through a series of poles at high speeds.
Handoffs: Riders hand items off to teammates without slowing their mounts.
Dunking Races: Sometimes at a gallop, riders dunk objects into buckets.

Preferred Mounts: Ponies are the preferred choice for Mounted Games due to their shorter stature, which makes several races easier to play. However, horses can also be used, although they present additional challenges for riders.

Benefits: Mounted Games foster sportsmanship, teach basic natural aids, enhance physical coordination, boost self-confidence, and promote proper care of mounts. It’s a fantastic activity for riders of all ages and abilities!

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