Fireant Update

Fireant Update

The fire ant biosecurity zones have been updated to help minimise the risk of fire ants spreading through human-assisted movement. If you live or work near a fire ant detection and move materials that can transport fire ants, these changes may affect you.

Pony Club QLD

Pony Club Queensland is like the cool hub for horse-loving youth. It’s not just about riding; it’s a place where inclusivity, education, safety, and good vibes are the real MVPs.

Picture this: a bunch of young riders coming together to learn, not just the art of horseback riding, but also how to be awesome people. PCQ is all about being chill, welcoming everyone – from beginners to pros – and creating a vibe that feels like a big, horse-loving family.

And here’s the coolest part – many of the riders who rocked the Olympics started their journey in a Pony Club. So, it’s not just a club; it’s like the launchpad for future horse-riding legends.

In a nutshell, PCQ is where the horse-obsessed youth of Queensland come to have a blast, learn life skills, and maybe, just maybe, discover their inner equestrian superstar. Giddy up! 🐎✨

PCQ: 10,300+ Strong, 55 Years and Counting

Hold onto your saddles because PCQ is a very big deal! We’re talking over 10,500 members – that’s a whole bunch of horse enthusiasts making it the largest Equestrian Organisation in the entire state. For more than 55 years, these guys and their 225 clubs have been holding it down from the far North in Mossman to the wild West in Boulia & Barcoo, all the way down to the NSW border.

Now, here’s the wild part – despite Mother Nature throwing floods and droughts their way, and even dealing with horse-related viruses like Equine Influenza, Hendra, and Alyssa, or even that whole COVID thing. PCQ has been standing strong. These guys are like the superheroes of the equine world, facing challenges head-on and keeping the horse-loving spirit alive and kicking.

So, whether you’re up in the North, out in the West, or chilling down by the border, the Queensland Pony Club is the epicenter of all things equestrian, proving that no flood, drought, or virus can rain on their horse parade. 🐴🌟

More Than Just Riding….

We are not just about the technical stuff. Sure, we teach you how to ride, but it’s also about becoming a responsible, disciplined, and respectful human. Safety is their jam too, because, you know, horses are big and cool but also need to be handled with care.

Its not just about the young.

And here’s the scoop for the grown-ups! Pony Club® isn’t just for the kiddos – it’s a golden ticket for adults to jump on the horse-loving bandwagon too. Imagine this: you can snag some cool club positions, dive into coaching, or become an official Judge or one of the behind-the-scenes heroes who keep the whole show running.

Many Life-long friends have come from those involved with Pony Club®!

Our Special Sponsors

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