Tetrathlon & Quiz

Based on the Olympic Modern Pentathlon, the Tetrathlon is the newest of the of the Pony Club Queensland disciplines. Consisting of five phases: riding, running, shooting, fencing and swimming, the Pony Club Tetrathlon is a challenging competition combining sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability. (Fencing is excluded because of the complexity and time involved in learning).

The scoring system is similar to the Modern Pentathlon in that competitors score positive points according to the standard of their performance in each phase. In the running, swimming and riding phases, competitors have marks deducted from the optimum score, according to their performance standard. In the shooting phase, positive marks are awarded for shots on target scales, such that scores are commensurate with those of the other phases.

Procedures to run Official Days

Rule Book & Hand Book for Tetrathlon and Quiz


Quiz Team consists of 4 members, aged 16 years and over at 1/1/2017 with at least a C certificate.

Entries will be accepted from all states and the Quiz team will be selected based on knowledge and ability

Applicants receive a selection test early in the year of the competition Expressions of interest are invited for the rider/quiz competitor roles through Pony Club Australia

PCQ Tetrathlon and Quiz Sub Committee Contacts

Chair Person       Brett Coombe
Christine Topalov
Trevor Lanskey
Guy Clare

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