It is also the ideal training ground for our high performance equestrians; almost without exception, our recent Olympic riders have all commenced their career in a Pony Club.

With over 10,500 members, Queensland Pony Club is the largest Equestrian Organisation in the State. Over the past 55 years, the Association and its 225 clubs, which are situated from Mossman in the far North, to Boulia & Barcoo in the West and down to the NSW border, has continued to remain steady despite several adverse factors, such as flood, drought and a series of equine related viruses Equine Influenza, Hendra and Alyssa virus and their effects on the equine industry.

In Queensland several clubs, including Le Vale (first in Qld, established 1949), Gympie and Nambour were in existence before the State Association was formed. The State body was established to provide a formal structure for these already functioning, independent pony clubs. This allowed for a uniform, state wide, standard of instruction and competition, which followed the basic principles of the British Horse Society and Pony Clubs worldwide

In 1958, the existing clubs met at the Brisbane RNA Grounds. The meeting was called, by Officials of the NSW Pony Club Association, in order to form a Governing Body, for our existing Queensland clubs; This was later formalised and incorporated in 1959 when Sir Wallace Rae was elected the first President of the PCAQ.
The first tasks for the PCAQ was to formulate the Ideals and Codes of Behaviour, for Pony Clubs, Uniform Rules, Standards of Instruction and a workable Constitution and by-laws for Affiliated Clubs and PCAQ. The continued and stable nature of our Association, and the number of outstanding riders who commenced their careers in Pony Club testifies to the success of this undertaking.