Horse Trials

Horse Trials (or eventing) is the most rigorous equestrian event which tests riders across the three phases of dressage, cross-country riding and showjumping.

Firstly horse and rider combinations complete a dressage test, comprised of an exact sequence of movements ridden in an enclosed arena and judged on the balance, rhythm, suppleness and obedience of the horse and its harmony with the rider.

The next phase is the cross country jumping, which requires both horse and rider to be in excellent physical condition and to be brave and trusting of one other as they complete a jumping track of solidly build natural fences (ie logs and stone walls) as well as various obstacles such as water, ditches, banks and drops that would commonly occur in the country side. Riders are timed during the course and are penalized if they are either too slow or too fast and finish outside of the optimum window. Penalties are also incurred if the horse refuses to jump a fence or has a run out. Should a horse or rider fall during their round, they are automatically disqualified.

After passing a veterinary check, the third and final phase is the showjumping, which tests the fitness and stamina of the horse and rider combination as well as their technical skill including suppleness, obedience and athleticism. Unlike the cross country obstacles, these fences are typically bright in colour and consist of elements that can be knocked down, which incur penalties. This phase is also timed, with penalties being given for exceeding the time allowed.

At Pony Club, the order of the cross country and jumping for unofficial grades is at the organiser’s discretion

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Becoming a Horse Trials Technical Delegate

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Horse Trials Technical Adviser & Sub Committee

Technical Adviser: John Hughes

Name Zone Phone Number
Peter Ryan 01 0403 464 135
John Hughes 02 0407 370 422
Christine Topalov 04 0424 245 377
Gayle Bunker 05 0407 527 869
Sharne Andrew 06 0438 716 843
Courtney Iker 07 0448 807 889
Leah Frohloff 08 0417 714 386
Kim Creed 09 0459 965 297
Sonya McLeod 10 0407 491 148
Adrienne Kelley 11 0437 110 296
Barry Dossetto 26 0414 699 665
Di Elder 28 0428 754 524

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